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How to manage your contacts in Horde

How to manage your contacts in Horde

This tutorial assumes that you’ve already logged in to Horde webmail.

Now let’s learn how to manage our contacts.

Now, click on New Contact.

This is where you can create a new contact for your address book. You can include as much or as little information as you like. however, be sure to include at least their name and email address.

Once you are done with filling the information, click the Add button.

That’s it! The new contact has been added to our address book.

You can Browse all contacts within the address book by clicking the Browse option.

There is only 1 contact listed in our address book…. the one we just created.

You can edit the contact by clicking the Pen icon.

To download the contact’s Vcard click on the icon before the contact’s name.

Select the contact in order to delete, edit or export.

You can also add the contact to a contact list or create a new contact list which you can then populate with contacts.

Click on the Edit button to edit the selected contact.

Once you are done with editing , click the Finish button.

Click the Search option.

Using the search option you can search for the contacts in your address book.

Click the Horde icon to return to the main page.

Point the mouse on Address Book menu and click the Address Book option.

This is the end of the tutorial. You know how to manage your contacts using the Horde address book.