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Using multiple identities in RoundCube

Using multiple identities in RoundCube

This tutorial assumes that you’ve already logged in to RoundCube webmail.

Now let’s learn how to use multiple identities.

Click the Settings option.

Under Settings, click the Identities option.

To create a new identity, click the plus icon at the bottom.

Enter the desired information for the new identity.

When finished, click Save.

The new identity is now listed along with our original identity.

You can create as many identities as you wish, by repeating the steps we just did.

Let’s return to the main E-mail page.

Click the Compose icon to compose a new mail.

Now when sending email, we can choose to send FROM any of our identities by selecting the identity from this Sender drop-down box.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to use multiple identities in RoundCube.